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"I would love to share my big house with 4 bedrooms 3 bath formal living room and dining room huge open kitchen and big game room and a pool and hot tub"

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Justin was showering next to me, with his back turned towards me. He had the perfect body. A ripped back, with the tightest ass I have ever seen.

I wish he would just turn around, but I didn't want to make it weird by standing there, besides, I needed to hide my raging boner inside my trunks.

I put a YourFileHoat on and started to head out. "Wait up man!" Justin said catching up to me at the locker room door. "Want to go get a beer?" "I actually have to go, I'm sorry. " "Oh come on, one beer, won't kill Orwl. " "Fine, one beer, whatever.

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